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My apologies for the long pause ... a combination of work craziness and continually forgetting to bring notes home. Hopefully I'm going to make the wait worthwhile.

The spider and the fly, by Mary Howitt, illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi.

Pa Jinglebob, the fastest knitter in the West, by Mary Arrigan and Korky Paul.

The blue blazes, by Chuck Wendig.

Ecko rising, by Danie Ware.

The scarlet macaw, by S.P. Hozy.

Twilight is not good for maidens, by Lou Allin.

Take five, by Jack Batten.

The drowned man, by David Whellams.

Marbles : mania, depression, Michelangelo, and me, by Ellen Forney.

The story of music, by Howard Goodall.

The dark side of the Enlightenment : wizards, alchemists, and spiritual seekers in the age of reason, by John V. Fleming.

The shark's paintbrush : biomimicy and how nature is inspiring innovation, by Jay Harman.

A piece of the sun : the quest for fusion energy, by Daniel Clery.

Odd couples : extraordinary differences between the sexes in the animal kingdom, by Daphne J. Fairbairn.

Haldol and hyacinths : a bipolar life, by Melody Moezzi.

The happy atheist, by PZ Myers.

Above the din of war : Afghans speak about their lives, their country, and their future, and why America should listen, by Peter H. Eichstaedt.

The golden age of crime fiction : the authors, the artists and their creations from 1920 to 1950, by Peter Haining.

Pink sari revolution : a tale of women and power in India, by Amana Fontanella-Khan.

Bum fodder : an absorbing history of toilet paper, by Richard Smyth.

How poetry saved my life : a hustler's memoir, by Amber Dawn.

The library, by Chihoi.

Food allergies : a complete guide for eating when your life depends on it, by Scott H. Sicherer.

47 sorrows, by Janet Kellough.

Elisha Barber, by E.C. Ambrose.

Fire on the runway, by Mel Bradshaw.

Pattern cutting made easy : a step-by-step introduction, by Gillian Holman.

Meals in a jar : quick and easy, just-add-water, homemade recipes, by Julie Languille.

Flip : the inside story of TV's first black superstar, by Kevin Cook.

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