catdesk: (Old books)
Atheism for dummies, by Dale McGowan.

The White Rose of Stalingrad : the real-life adventure of Lidiya Vladimirovna Litvyak, the highest scoring female air ace of all time, by Bill Yenne.

The savage garden : cultivating carnivorous plants, revised edition, by Peter D'Amato.

Power & style : a world history of politics and dress, by Dominique and Fran├žois Gaulme.

Paris haute couture, edited by Olivier Saillard and Anne Zazzo.

Louder than hell : the definitive oral history of metal, by Jon Wiederhorn and Katherine Turman.

Cotton tenants : three families, by James Agee and Walker Evans.

Paper : an elegy, by Ian Sansom.

Beating sugar addiction for dummies, by Dan DeFigio.

A short history of nuclear folly : mad scientists, dithering Nazis, lost nukes, and catastrophic cover-ups, by Rudolph Herzog.

American Savage : insights, slights, and fights on faith, sex, love, and politics, by Dan Savage.

Extreme costume makeup : 25 creepy & cool step-by-step demos, by Brian and Nick Wolfe.

Ballgowns : British glamour since 1950, by Oriole Cullen and Sonnet Stanfill.

CRossroads : how the blues shaped rock 'n' roll (and rock saved the blues), by John Milward.

Black Loyalists : southern settlers of Nova Scotia's first free black communities, by Ruth Holmes Whitehead.

Shakespeare's pub : a barstool history of London as seen through the windows of its oldest pub -- The George Inn, by Pete Brown.

"You can tell just by looking" : and 20 other myths about LGBT life and people, by Michael Bronski, Ann Pellegrini, and Michael Amico.

Just one evil act : Lynley novel, by Elizabeth George.

Safar voyage : contemporary works by Arab, Iranian, and Turkish artists, by Fereshteh Daftari & Jill Baird.

Fifty shades of Black, by Arthur Black.

Vintage fashion and couture : from Poiret to McQueen, by Kerry Taylor.

On paper : the everything of its two-thousand-year history, by Nicholas A. Basbanes.

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