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The king's grave : the discovery of Richard III's lost burial place and the clues it holds, by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones.

Fairest in all the land, by Bill Willingham.

A short bright flash : Augustin Fresnel and the birth of the modern lighthouse, by Theresa Levitt.

Fists upon a star : a memoir of love, theater, and escape from McCarthyism, by Florence Bean James and Jean Freeman.

We used to talk about love, edited by Natasha Bullock.

Driven : how the Bathurst tragedy ignited a crusade for change, by Richard Foot.

The heart accepts it all : selected letters of John Glassco, edited by Brian Busby.

Excluded : making feminist and queer movements more inclusive, by Julia Serano.

Patternmaking for menswear, by Gareth Kershaw.

No man's nightingale : an Inspector Wexford novel, by Ruth Rendell.

Cross and burn, by Val McDermid.

Thieves of Book Row : New York's most notorious rare book ring and the man who stopped it, by Travis McDade.

The infested mind : why humans fear, loathe, and love insects, by Jeffrey Lockwood.

Shady characters : the secret life of punctuation, symbols & other typographical marks, by Keith Houston.

Stretching anatomy : your illustrated guide to improving flexibilitiy and muscular strength, second edition, by Arnold G. Nelson and Jouko Kokkonen.

Zero to maker : learn (just enough) to make (just about) anything, by David Lang.

Dragon songs : love and adventure among crocodiles, alligators, and other dinosaur relations, by Vladimir Dinets.

Octopus! : the most mysterious creature in the sea, by Katherine Harmon Courage.

Bloody relations : a Marc Edwards mystery, by Don Gutteridge.

World of Warcraft : ultimate visual guide, by Kathleen Pleest and Anne Stickney.

Calories & corsets : a history of dieting over 2,000 years, by Louise Foxcroft.

Life beyond Earth, by Athena Coustens and Thérèse Encrenaz.

The healthy programmer : get fit, feel better, and keep coding, by Joe Kutner.

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