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Seeing as I actually remembered to grab my book notes before leaving work on Christmas Eve, I suppose I should actually post 'em rather than leave them at risk of being buried on my desk here at home. ;p

Capturing the light : the birth of photography, a true story of genius and rivalry, by Roger Watson and Helen Rappaport.

"Why do only white people get abducted by aliens?" : teaching lessons from the Bronx, by Ilana Garon.

1808: the flight of the emperor : how a weak prince, a mad queen, and the British navy tricked Napoleon and changed the new world, by Laurento Gomes.

The rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell, by William Klaber.

The true history of the Black Adder : the unadulterated tale of the creation of a comedy legend, by J.F. Roberts.

Your fatwa does not apply here : untold stories from the fight against Muslim fundamentalism, by Karima Bennoune.

The NYPD tapes : a shocking story of cops, cover-ups, and courage, by Graham A. Rayman.

Things come apart, by Todd McLellan.

Fashion Scandinavia, by Dorothea Dundtoft.

The introverted leader : building on your quiet strength, by Jennifer B. Kahnweiler.

Beautifully unique sparkleponies : on myths, morons, free speech, football, and assorted absurdities, by Chris Kluwe.

Feminist history in Canada : new essays on women, gender, work, and nation, edited by Catherine Carstairs and Nancy Janovicek.

What is chemistry?, by Peter Atkins.

Among the bloodpeople : politics and flesh, by Thomas Glave.

Editor-proof your writing : 21 steps to the clear prose publishers and agents crave, by Don McNair.

Farewell to reality : how modern physics has betrayed the search for scientific truth, by Jim Baggott.

The great American jet pack : the quest for the ultimate individual lift device, by Steve Lehto.

Sweet delights from a thousand and one nights : the story of traditional Arab sweets, by Habeeb Salloum, Mura Salloum, and Leila Salloum Elias.

One-handed in a two-handed world : your complete guide to managing single-handedly, by Tommye-Karen Mayer.

Metal on ice : tales from Canada's hard rock and heavy metal heroes, by Sean Kelly.

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