catdesk: (Old books)
Book of ages : the life and opinions of Jane Franklin, by Jill Lepore.

The psychopath inside : a neuroscientist's personal journey into the dark side of the brain, by James Fallon.

Rush : the illustrated history, by Martin Popoff.

Feed zone portables : a cookbook of on-the-go food for athletes, by Biju Thomas and Allen Lim.

Ten lords a-leaping, by C.C. Benison.

Historical wig styling : ancient Egypt to the 1830s and Historical wig styling : Victorian to the present, both by Allison Lowery.

Anatomy of cycling : a trainer's guide to cycling, by Jennifer Laurita.

Pests in the city : flies, bedbugs, cockroaches & rats, by Dawn Day Biehler.

What makes this book so great : re-reading the classics of science fiction & fantasy, by Jo Walton.

A feathered river across the sky : the passenger pigeon's flight to extinction, by Joel Greenberg.

Field notes from a hidden city : an urban nature diary, by Esther Woolfson.

Anatomy of steampunk : the fashion of Victorian futurism, by Katherine Gleason.

Atomic accidents : a history of nuclear meltdowns and disasters, from the Ozark Mountains to Fukushima, by James A. Mahaffey.

Music & monarchy : a history of Britain in four movements, by David Starkey & Katie Greening.

Fashion in detail, 1700-2000, edited by Claire Wilcox.

The art of tinkering : meet 150+ makers working at the intersection of art, science & technology, by Karen Wilkinson and Mike Petrich.

The memory palace : a book of lost interiors, by Edward Hollis.

Notes from the Internet apocalypse : a novel, by Wayne Gladstone.

The new Brick reader, edited by Tara Quinn.

Pietr the Latvian, by Georges Simenon.

Rebel music : race, empire, and the new Muslim youth culture, by Hisham D. Aidi.

The worst gig : from psycho fans to stage riots, famous musicians tell all, by Jon Niccum.

The science of cheese, by Michael Tunick.

A serial killer in Nazi Berlin : the chilling story of the S-Bahn murderer, by Scott Andrew Selby.

This great escape : the case of Michael Paryla, by Andrew Steinmetz.

Still writing : the perils and pleasures of a creative life, by Dani Shapiro.
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