catdesk: (Old books)
Laughing all the way to the mosque, by Zarqa Nawaz.

Band-aid for a broken leg : being a doctor with no borders (and other ways to stay single), by Damien Brown.

Plain words : a guide to the use of English, by Sir Ernest Gowers, revised and updated by Rebecca Gowers.

Devotion and defiance : my journey in love, faith and politics, by Humaira Awais Shahid.

Little bastards in springtime, by Katja Rudolph.

Arming and disarming : a history of gun control in Canada, by R. Blake Brown.

Murder on the home front : a true story of morgues, murderers, and mysteries during the London Blitz, by Molly Lefebure.

The salmon : the extraordinary story of the king of fish, by Michael Wigan.

Destined to witness : growing up Black in Nazi Germany, by Hans J. Massaquoi.

Eternal harvest : the legacy of American bombs in Laos, by Karen J. Coates.

In the hour of victory : the Royal Navy at war in the age of Nelson, by Sam Willis.

Fearless genius : the digital revolution in Silicon Valley, 1985-2000, by Doug Menuez.

Imagine there's no heaven : how atheism helped create the modern world, by Mitchell Stephens.

Detecting Canada : essays on Canadian crime fiction, television and film, edited by Jeannette Sloniowski and Marilyn Rose.

Through a Canadian periscope : the story of the Canadian submarine service, second edition, by Julie H. Ferguson.

They were soldiers : how the wounded return from America's wars, by Ann Jones.

Wondrous beauty : the life and adventures of Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte, by Carol Berkin.

The man with the compound eyes, by Wu Ming-Yi.

Salaam, love : American Muslim men on love, sex, and intimacy, edited by Ayesha Mattu and Nura Maznavi.

The corpse exhibition and other stories of Iraq, by Hassan Blasim.

A siege of bitterns : a birder murder mystery, by Steve Burrows.

A quiet kill : a Forsyth and Hay mystery, by Janet Brons.

Kraken bake : an epicurean epic, by Karen Dudley.

Blood wine : a Quin and Morgan mystery, by John Moss.

The revenge of anguished English : more accidental assaults upon our language, by Richard Lederer.

DIY dye : bright and funky temporary hair coloring you do at home, by Loren Lankford.

Cut me loose : sin and salvation after my ultra-Orthodox girlhood,by Leah Vincent.

The lost manuscript of Frédéric Cailliaud : arts and crafts of the ancient Egyptians, Nubians, and Ethiopians, by Frédéric Cailliaud, translated and edited by Andrew Bednarski.

Flying off Everest : a journey from the summit to the sea, by Dave Costello.
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