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Guess who finally remembered to bring her book notes home!

Stolen words : the Nazi plunder of Jewish books, by Mark Glickman.

Brilliant beacons : a history of the American lighthouse, by Eric Jay Dolin.

Weekmonkey : mama, mother, whore : a memoir, by Lisa V. Proulx.

Memories : from Moscow to the Black Sea, by Teffi.

Clinical care of the diabetic foot, third edition, edited by David G. Armstrong and Lawrence A. Lavery.

The Spitboy rule : tales of a xicana in a female punk band, by Michelle Cruz Gonzales.

Lady killer, by Joƫlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich.

Lost nuke : the last flight of Bomber 075, revised edition, by Dirk Septer.

The Canyon Ranch guide to men's health : a doctor's prescription for male wellness, by Stephen C. Brewer.

A survival guide to the misinformation age : scientific habits of mind, by David J. Helfand.

Woodland craft, by Ben Law.

Almighty : courage, resistance, and existential peril in the nuclear age, by Dan Zak.

The imitation game : Alan Turing decoded, by Jim Ottaviani.

The white donkey (Terminal Lance series), by Maximilian Uriarte.

War through the lens : the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit, 1941-1945, by Dan Conlin.

Lady Byron and her daughters, by Julia Markus.

A cancer in the family : take control of your genetic inheritance, by Theodora Ross.

An illustrated book of bad arguments : learn the lost art of making sense, by Ali Almossawi

Be a survivor : your guide to breast cancer treatment, sixth edition, by Vladimir Lange.

Gilliamesque : a pre-posthumous memoir, by Terry Gilliam and Ben Thompson.

Nobody : casualties of America's war on the vulnerable, from Ferguson to Flint and beyond, by Marc Lamont Hill.

The homebrewer's garden : how to easily grow, prepare, and use your own hops, malts, brewing herbs, by Joe Fisher and Dennis Fisher.

Betty : the Helen Betty Osborne story, by David Robertson and Scott Henderson.

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