catdesk: (Old books)
The glamour of strangeness : artists and the last age of the exotic, by Jamie James.

The lynching : the epic courtroom battle that brought down the Klan, by Laurence Leamer.

Chainmail bikini : the anthology of women gamers, edited by Hazel Newlevant.

Aloha Wanderwell : the border-smashing, record-setting life of the world's youngest explorer, by Christian Fink-Jensen.

Deadmonton : crime stories from Canada's murder city, by Pamela Roth.

Online marketing for busy authors : a step-by-step guide, by Fauzia Burke.

The road taken : the history and future of America's infrastructure, by Henry Petroski.

The pope's bookbinder : a memoir, by David Mason.

The case of Alan Turing : the extraordinary and tragic story of the legendary codebreaker, by √Čric Liberge and Arnaud Delalande.

Catullus' bedspread : the life of Rome's most erotic poet, by Daisy Dunn.

The valiant Nellie McClung : selected writings by Canada's most famous suffragist, by Barbara Smith and Nellie McClung.

Laser cutting for fashion and textiles, by Laura Berens Baker.

Dark days : a memoir, by D. Randall Blythe.

The letter and the cosmos : how the alphabet has shaped the western view of the world, by Laurence de Looze.

Show me all your scars : true stories of living with mental illness, edited by Lee Gutkind.

The jazz of physics : the secret link between music and the structure of the universe, by Stephon Alexander.

The astronomer and the witch : Johannes Kepler's fight for his mother, by Ulinka Rublack.

Pattern magic 3, by Tomoko Nakamichi.

Lingerie design : a complete course, by Pamela Powell.

Sounds and sweet airs : the forgotten women of classical music, by Anna Beer.

The problem with me : and other essays about making trouble in China today, by Han Han.

Textiles of the Banjara : cloth and culture of a wandering tribe, by Charllotte Kwon and Tim McLaughlin.

African catwalk, by Per-Anders Pettersson.

A two-spirit journey : the autobiography of a lesbian Ojibwa-Cree elder, by Ma-Nee Chacaby and Mary Louisa Plummer.

Curvology : the origins and power of female body shape, by David Bainbridge.
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