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A woman looking at men looking at women : essays on art, sex, and the mind, by Siri Hustvedt.

Misty Copeland, by Gregg Delman.

Undisclosed files of the police : cases from the archives of the NYPD, by Bernard J. Whalen, Philip Messing, and Robert Mladinich.

Atlas of improbable places : a journey to the world's most unusual corners, by Travis Elborough and Alan Horsfield.

Style tribes : the fashion of subcultures, by Caroline Young.

The king is dead : the last will and testament of Henry VIII, by Suzannah Lipscomb.

Gutenberg's Europe : the book and the invention of Western modernity, by Frédéric Barbier.

Unmentionable : the Victorian lady's guide to sex, marriage & manners, by Therese Oneill.

Blitzed : drugs in Nazi Germany, by Norman Ohler.

The glass universe : how the ladies of the Harvard Observatory took the measure of the stars, by Dava Sobel.

One day we'll all be dead and none of this will matter, by Scaachi Koul.

Black cowboys in the American West : on the range, on the stage, behind the badge, edited by Bruce A. Glasrud and Michael N. Searles.

Passage across the Mersey, by Robert Bhatia.

To drink from the silver cup : from faith through exile and beyond, by Anna Redsand.

Malinche, Pocahontas, and Sacagawea : Indian women as cultural intermediaries and national symbols, by Rebecca K. Jager.

Radhika's story : surviving human trafficking, by Sharon Hendry.

Tomboy survival guide, by Ivan Coyote.

The muslimah who fell to earth : personal stories by Canadian Muslim women, edited by Saima S. Hussain.

Game changers : the unsung heroines of sports history, by Molly Schiot.

Dawn of infamy : a sunken ship, a vanished crew, and the final mystery of Pearl Harbor, by Stephen Harding.

Far and wide : bring that horizon to me, by Neil Peart.

Big fit girl : embrace the body you have, by Louise Green.

Wolf land, by Carter Niemeyer.

The remedy : queer and trans voices on health and health care, edited by Zena Sharman.

Hank : the short life and long country road of Hank Williams, by Mark Ribowsky.

Tides : the science and spirit of the ocean, by Jonathan White.

The death and life of the Great Lakes, by Dan Egan.

Theodore Gray's completely mad science : experiments you can do at home, but probably shouldn't, by Theodore Gray.
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