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You can't touch my hair : and other things I still have to explain, by Phoebe Robinson.

Hungarian art : confrontation and revival through the 20th century, by Éva Forgács.

My journey through war and peace : exploration of a young filmmaker, feminist and spiritual seeker, by Melissa Burch.

Land Rover : the story of the car that conquered the world, by Ben Fogle.

Turtles as hopeful monsters : origins and evolution, by Olivier Rieppel.

The bare bones : an unconventional evolutionary history of the skeleton, by Matthew F. Bonnan.

Steampunk your wardrobe, revised edition, by Calista Taylor.

The road taken : the history and future of America's infrastructure, by Henry Petroski.

The right way to be crippled and naked : the fiction of disability, edited by Sheila Black, Michael Northen, and Annabelle Hayse.

Brave hearts : Indian women of the Plains, by Joseph Agonito.

Haters : harassment, abuse, and violence online, by Bailey Poland.

Dig : Australian rock and pop music, 1960-85, by David Nichols.

The amazing story of the man who cycled from India to Europe for love, by Per J. Andersson.

Smitten by giraffe : my life as a citizen scientist, by Anne Innis Dagg.

Indigenous pop : Native American music from jass to hip hop, edited by Jeff Berglund, Jan Johnson, and Kimberli Lee

Slow fashion : aesthetics meets ethics, by Safia Minney.

Out standing in the field : a memoir by Canada's first female infantry officer, by Sandra Perron.

Dadland : a journey into uncharted territory, by Keggie Carew.

Animals strike curious poses : essays, by Elena Passarello.

Great books of China : from ancient times to the present, by Frances Wood.

The mistress of Paris : the 19th-century courtesan who built an empire on a secret, by Catherine Hewitt.

The face of wonder : a translator on beauty and meaning in the Bible, by Sarah Ruden.

Born both : an intersex life, Hida Viloria.

The cradle of humanity : how the changing landscape of Africa made us so smart, by Mark Maslin.

Crying for the moon, by Mary Walsh.

Freehand fashion : learn to sew the perfect wardrobe, by Chinelo Bally.
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